Church History

Highley Church is the oldest building in the village. The earliest parts were built in the early 1100s. The Normans built most of the present chancel and nave. Within 150 years there were complaints that the building was falling down, much of this early work does survive however, including some of the windows and doors.

In the 1300’s a series of bad harvests and epidemics devastated much of England. Shropshire took several generations to recover and it was not until the next century that major work again took place on the church. The tower was put up, the walls were raised and finally a new wooden ceiling was installed.

Over the following centuries the roof was altered, the interior was remodeled, a gallery was fitted and removed and the church has been repaired and restored.

The church is usually open and visitors can explore its history in more detail, or simply enjoy its tranquility.