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St. Mary's Church Building Repair

Following the 5 yearly inspection of St Mary’s Church Building, we have been given a list of work which needs to be done within the next 12-18 months. The estimated cost is in excess of £100 000. This is a huge challenge for our church and the village.

There has been a church in Highley for nearly 900 years. St Mary’s is the oldest building in the village still serving the community. We hope it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

There is no getting away from it, if we DON’T carry out the needed repairs to the Church Building, it WILL slowly crumble away. Even before it crumbles, it could be declared unsafe for use and that will mean no weddings, no christenings and no funeral services for Highley people, besides losing a place of quiet and worship. What a great loss to the community that would be. We believe that St. Mary’s is, and has always been, “Highley valued “.

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  • Porch floor – Damp
  • Porch SW corner – No drainage (Movement cracks in walling)
  • Interior walls – Rising damp
  • Tower roof – Slipped and missing tiles
  • Tower parapet gutter – Failed patch repair and decayed base
  • Porch Stonework – Damp decay aggravated by cement pointing
  • Tower roof – Split and decayed post

A recent survey has shown that we need to make urgent repairs to:

  • The Tower
  • Stone-work
  • Heating and Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Bells

All of this work has to be carried out by contractors, who are qualified to work on ancient buildings. When it comes to finances, the congregation has always covered the running costs of the Church, but there is nothing left over for repairs. We are in the process of applying for grants, but we have to raise a substantial amount to match these.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising events or made a donation!

As of September 2016 we have raised £39,000 towards the building repairs.

We have raised this through:

  • Quiz nights
  • A spare change jar
  • Sponsored walks - Part of the Severn Way (110miles) and The Bridgnorth Walk
  • Table top sales
  • An apple festival
  • Cake sales
  • A rummage sale
  • Collection of scrap gold
  • The sale of church history booklets
  • Coffee mornings
  • Commitment to additional monthly giving
  • Charity shop takings
  • A Charitable Trust Donation

We have several fundraising plan's for the future including:

  • A Pamper Evening
  • A request to the Parish Council and a local developer
  • An auction of promises
  • 'increase the gift'
  • A musical evening
  • A request to other St Mary's Churches across the UK
  • More grant funding applications